cell:           267-981-3880                                                                        Height:  5’11”                  Weight:   195

e-mail:      eberhartdoug@gmail.com                                                 Eyes:    Brown               Hair:      Dark  brown

                                                                                                                 Age  Range:   45-55


*Teleprompter  proficient                      

*Home  Recording  Studio  (able  to  record  &  send  voice-overs  in  MP3  or  WAV  format)                 


TELEVISION                              Host,  Spokesperson  and  Actor.    A  partial  listing  follows:

“Talk  With  Your  Doctor” (2002-Present)            Host  (“live” weekly show)                 MBC  TeleProductions (WFMZ-TV)

Around  the  Home (WJLA-TV)                               Host                                                       FGV  Media

“Medical  Detectives”                                               Doctor                                                    The  Learning  Channel

"My Old Car"                                                             Host                                                        MediaActive, Inc.

WSPA-TV (CBS)                                                         Sports Anchor/Reporter                     Spartanburg, SC

COMMERCIALS                                                    A  partial  listing  follows:

Peruzzi  Toyota                                                        Employee                                               Aardvark  Video  Works

ICan  Insurance                                                       Spokesperson                                        ShadowBox  Pictures

Freedom  Credit  Union                                          Banker                                                   Aardvark  Video  Works

Comcast                                                                    Husband/Dad/Newscaster                 Red  Alert  Productions

Laurel  Kia                                                               "Cheesy"  Car  Salesman                      Aardvark  Video  Works

Blue  Cross/Blue  Shield  of  Illinois                     Spokesperson                                       Lighthouse  SPG

Philadelphia  Auto  Show                                       Super  Spy                                             Bozeken

INDUSTRIALS                           Hundreds  of  principal  roles.  A  partial  listing  follows:

WOLO  Manufacturing  Corp.                               Spokesperson                                        DDA

Rite  Aid                                                                   Manager                                                 Take  One  Productions

Delta  Point                                                             Doctor                                                     JDK  Productions

Boscov's                                                                   Employee                                               ImageWorks

Armstrong  Floors                                                 Game  Show                                           HostTake  One  Productions

Lowe’s                                                                      Spokesperson                                         The  Rutledge  Center, Inc

Bristol-Myers  Squibb                                           Sales Rep.                                                BMS  Films

Johnson  &  Johnson                                             Doctor                                                      Johnson  &  Johnson

PNC  Bank                                                               Spokesperson                                        Razorfish

Daltile                                                                      Spokesperson                                        The  Rutledge  Center,  Inc.

M & M/Mars                                                           Reporter                                                  Royce  Multimedia

NJ  Forest  Fire  Service                                        Pilot/Host                                               NJN  Productions

VOICEOVER                              Commercial,  industrial,  internet  &  documentary.   A  partial  listing  follows:

York  Heating  &  A.C. (national)                   Delta  Air  Lines                    Dollar Car Rental                     Phila.  Inquirer

Comcast                                                            Yale  Trucks                           Pep  Boys                                   Bristol-Myers  Squibb

Perdue Chicken (national)                             Johnson  &  Johnson             Kraft  Foods                              Interiors  Furniture



Skin  Zinc                                                               Host                                                       Center  City  Film  &  Video

Divorce  Done  Right                                            Host                                                        Stage  3  Productions

Wall  Street  Mortgage                                         Host                                                        ShadowBox  Pictures

Lending  Choice                                                    Loan Officer                                          Lenfest  Media  Group



B.S.  Communications  (TV/Radio  major;  Applied  Writing  minor),   Ithaca  College,  Ithaca,  NY   1986

Film  Acting  II                                                     Patrick  McDade                                   Mike  Lemon  Casting

Improvisation                                                      Donald  McKenna                                Wickline Casting

Master  Spokesperson  Class                             Dave  Thomas                                       Wickline Casting



Accomplished  with  medical  &  technical  terminology; experienced  theater  actor;  excellent  memorization  skills; 

7+  years  as  TV  Sports  Anchor/Reporter  (ABC  &  CBS  affiliates);  play  most  sports, primarily  golf  &  tennis;    

can  speak  in  Southern  “redneck”  accent  when  asked;  print  experience;  work  well  with  children.

Worked  as  a  Professional  DJ/On-air  Personality  at  WKXW-FM,   a  50,000-watt  radio  station  based  in  Trenton,  NJ.