"I've  known  and  worked  with  Doug   for  many  years;  he’s  an  extremely  versatile  and  effective  communicator  who  consistently  delivers  desired  results,  that  rare  voice  talent  whose  range  is  limitless.  Whether  you're  looking  for  someone   to  pitch  a  product  or   to   deliver  complex  medical  terminology  in   a   clear  and  understandable  way,  Doug -- from  silly  to  serious -- is  your  man!"

-Terry  Colbert,  Multimedia  Producer
Bristol-Myers  Squibb (Lawrenceville, NJ)

On  location  OR   from  his   home  recording  studio.


Many  adjectives  have  been  used  to  describe Doug's  voice: inviting, trusting,  rich,  distinctive  and  soothing. 

Some  say it's  the  type  of  voice  you  could  listen  to  

all day and  not grow  tired  of.

Doug  is  extremely  thorough  when  it  comes  to  dissecting a script,  deciding  quickly  what  tone,  pace  and   emphasis to use.  A  stickler  for  detail,  he  makes  certain  that  his listeners not  only  understand  his  every  word, but  promises that  every syllable  will  be  heard!


It's  no  wonder  that  he  specializes  in  voicing  projects  in which  clarity  is  crucial.  Training  programs,  for  example.  Doug has  recorded  literally  thousands  of  hours  of  training for  hospital  employees  all   across  the  country.  

His friendly, yet  authoritative  style  resonates  with  

his  listeners, thus increasing  their  chances  of  retaining

the  material.


What about  pharmaceutical  and  technical  narration?  Absolutely!  Bristol-Myers  Squibb,  Daltile   &   Yale  Trucks 

are  among  the  companies  who  continue  to  ask  Doug  to  loan  his  voice  to   their  projects.

"Doug  has  been  an  extremely  valuable  asset  to  our  company  the  last  several  years.  Despite  the  sometimes  overwhelming  volume  of  work  we  send  his  way,  he  never  fails  to  deliver  a

 quality,  professional  product  when  we  need  it."

-Robert  Reynolds,  Lead  Developer
Industrial  Safety  Training  Council  (Beaumont, TX)

He's  recorded  his  fair  share  of  safety  training  too.  It's  "safe"  to  say  that  over  the  last  several  years he's helped  a   number  of  petrochemical  corporations  (ExxonMobil,  BASF   &  Dow,  among  others)  convey important  messages  to  their  workers.   

Doug  is  also  the  voice  of  St.  Luke's  University  Health Network.  In  addition  to  recording  the hospital's  "on-hold" phone  messages,  he  can  be  heard  in  their  commercials,   their  in-house  videos,  and  in  the "calendar  of  events"  he  voices  for  the  hospital's  TV  show,  a  show  Doug  also  hosts.


Commercial  credits  include:

  • Comcast 

  • Xcel Energy 

  • Perdue  Chicken  (national) 

  • Certa-Pro  Painters

  • York  Heating  &  A.C.   (national)

More  than  just  a   narrator,   Doug  has  done  plenty  of  voice  "acting"  as  well.   Among  the  roles  he's  played:   a  tour  guide,  disc  jockey,  a  patient,  and  a  "disgruntled"  employee.


No  matter  the  story  you  wish  to  tell...

Whether  your  goal  is  to  inspire,  persuade,  educate  or  motivate  your  listeners,  Doug  delivers!